Saturday, September 1, 2018

Television's arrival in Ottawa - and Westboro's key role!

In the September issue of the Kitchissippi Times, I tackled a topic that I'd always been curious about myself - when and how did television arrive in Ottawa? I was curious to find out if it was a gradual thing, or was it just one day, boom, people woke up to functioning TV stations? Did people buy TVs before it arrived in anticipation or did they wait until after launch to get one? How affordable were they? And where did broadcasting originate from.

All of these questions and more I cover in the article, which I think makes for a great summary of an important change in the lifestyles of Ottawans, and Canadians in general. I love that Kitchissippi played a key role in the launch of TV, and the story behind where the broadcasting station and tower was supposed to go (and ended up).

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