Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Tunney's Pasture presentation for the HSO: Video now available online!

Good news. For those of you who missed it last week, my presentation for the Historical Society of Ottawa on the history of the Tunney's Pasture property is now available on the HSO website, and on YouTube!

Thanks to all of you who did attend the live presentation, and asked such great questions. It was an honour to be asked to present for the HSO series, and all feedback from the event has been extremely positive. 

It's a lot of information and photographs jammed into a one hour presentation. I hope you enjoy it!

And here is the link to the video on the HSO YouTube channel:

Laroche Park Revitalization interview

In case you missed it, CBC published a story this weekend about the Laroche Park remediation work, and some of the discoveries they are unearthing as they dig. CBC interviewed me for the story! Check out the full article at: 


How land speculation and three scenic islands led to the birth of Champlain Park and Island Park Drive

This month's issue of the Kitchissippi Times contains my article on the evolution of Champlain Park (or Riverside Park, as it was originally known). It's a great story all made possible by Robert H. Cowley, son of Captain Daniel Keyworth Cowley, who operated a farm just west of what is now Island Park Drive in the 19th century. 

Cowley was a visionary, and it was his push that likely led to the western extension to the Queen Elizabeth Driveway (aka Island Park Drive) taking the path it does today, and arriving at what was once three scenic islands off the shore. Cowley's ownership of the land and push for the Driveway led to the establishment of Champlain Park, and eventually the arrival of Island Park Drive. 

It's an interesting story, and for those who live in Champlain Park, a great bit of history on how the neighbourhood was first formed. 

I've intentionally not written too much on Champlain Park over the past five years as I know fellow historian Bob Grainger is actively working on a book on the history of the neighbourhood. But this story was just too great not to share! 

A few vintage photos and visuals, so hope you enjoy!