Saturday, May 13, 2017

Kitchissippi Museum interview in the Ottawa Citizen today on the floods of 1928

The Ottawa Citizen today dedicated a big chunk of the "Observer" section to recapping the flooding which has been causing issue for the region over the last few weeks. As part of that series, an article was published today (Saturday May 13) on page D3 titled "This Isn't the first big flood to hit Ottawa- Gatineau". The article includes a copy of one of the photos I posted here earlier this week of the flooding in Woodroffe-Westboro, and also includes some details in to the flooding of 1928. Oddly I could not locate the article on the Citizen website (perhaps they do a slow-release of articles throughout the weekend), but it was available on PressReader.

You can view the article in the Citizen newspaper itself, or at PressReader at:


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