Friday, December 11, 2020

Westgate: Memories of a Mall - to air Saturday night 10 p.m. on WPBS!

I'm happy to share that tomorrow night (Saturday night) at 10 p.m. on WPBS, the documentary "Westgate: Memories of a Mall" will air. Local filmmakers Rachel Vrecic and Carter Johnston included me in the making of their documentary, and filmed an interview with me a few weeks ago for it. Apparently WPBS will air an abridged version of the full-length documentary, but still exciting to see for local residents. 

The documentary will air on WPBS locally (I have no clue what channel numbers exist anymore, probably differs based on your cable service provider!) but apparently the broadcast will be live-streamed on WPBS through Facebook at

Enjoy the show, and once the full-length version is available, I'll share a link to it. Cheers!


  1. I have gone to Westgate many times for their various services since moving to the area 7 years ago and always like the relaxed atmosphere. "Memories.." is well done and included the comment, if I remember right, that Nettleton's Jewelry is the only original store. I went today for a non-jewelry reason and stopped in the corridor to talk with the oldest of the 3 Nettleton brothers who work there--quite unique that 3 brothers should all become jewelers and work in the same store. He said that their store opened in 1988, not 1955. He thinks the barber shop is the only continuously operating business in the mall. He says that Nettleton's will probably close for good when that part the mall is demolished for a tower.