Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Scott Street's incredible history of growth and transformation

Scott Street connects Kitchisippi from one end to just about the other. It's a main road that is only growing in importance as the land on either side continues to develop, the LRT arrives, Tunney's gets redeveloped, etc. The changes the road has seen just in the last few years, let alone the last 50 or 100 are staggering. There is arguably no street in the city that has seen as much transformation.

Since Scott is in the news so frequently these days, and construction vehicles are a mainstay on the road, I thought it would be timely to write up the full history of the street. The article reveals who "Scott" was, how the road was first established (it was part of the first group of roadways established in Carleton County), its link to the railway, and how the street developed in each neighbourhood. 

Lots of photos and information jammed into one article. Please have a read at:


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