Thursday, July 23, 2020

Rare found video footage of Wellington Village/Hintonburg from 1953!

(The remaining parts of the McKellar Golf Course series are coming very soon!)

I just stumbled across this tonight while looking for something else, but I had to share. It's only about two minutes long in total, but it is some very rare long-lost footage of the neighbourhood, in colour, from 1953.

Streetcars on Wellington, the Carleton Tavern, Thyme & Again's building (Higman's Hardware), Victoria Theatre, and more.

Filmed by Crawley Films in 1953 for the National Film Board. These clips are taken from the NFB film "The Frustrating Fours and the Fascinating Fives" (full video at

I pulled out the clips that are filmed in Kitchissippi and put them in one short Youtube video.

CLICK HERE for the video!

I included the details in the Youtube video, but here they are as well, with time references for as you're watching:

0:01 This is a view from Parkdale Avenue just south of Wellington Street, looking north. The streetcars are travelling down Wellington in both directions. That's Malham's Smoke Shop ( on the right.
0:05 The kids are standing in front of the gas station which used to exist on the southwest corner of Parkdale/Wellington.
0:21 for half a frame, as the bus pulls away, what is now the World of Maps building at 1191 Wellington is shown.
0:25 the boy and his Mom walk away from the Victoria Theatre on Wellington Street, and walk in front of Higman's Hardware, at the corner of Huron Avenue North (now Thyme & Again). (I spent years trying to find even a photo of the Victoria Theatre, so seeing a bit of video footage of it is pretty cool, even if it is only part of the front of the building)
0:33 the boy plays in front of the old Shell station next to what is still the Bank of Montreal, and Morris Home Hardware (in its original location).
0:43 the boy is looking in the window of Higman's
0:51 they approach the intersection of Parkdale and Wellington on foot, looking north up Parkdale. The Carleton Tavern can be seen off in the distance. There are no apartment buildings on the east side of Parkdale yet, and the Parkdale Market is closed for the winter on the west side. A tower from Sperry Gyroscope can be seen further in the skyline distance.
1:18 they are at the turntable at the roundhouse at Ottawa West station, unfortunately this clip is way too short
1:29 at an unknown bread-making plant
1:39 at an unknown dairy farm/factory
1:55 at an unknown housing development. I thought maybe the MQs at CFB Rockliffe, but I'm not sure.

On Wellington Street West at Huron Avenue, looking
east up Wellington, in front of Higman's Hardware
(now Thyme & Again)
(Courtesy National Film Board of Canada, Crawley Films)

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  1. Cliff Higman played golf at the Ottawa Hunt Club. His business was a success, the Canadian Tire of today. He gave me my first job at age 15, painting the curling club on Scott St. and a church in Alta Vista (circa 1957)