Monday, November 4, 2019

The history of Lions Park / Elmgrove Arena / Ottawa Gymnastics Centre

In the new issue of the Kitchissippi Times, you can find my column 'Early Days' this month covering the history of the piece of property that has actually been in the news quite a bit recently, related to the Granite Curling Club. The strip of land between Richmond Road and Scott Street is an oddity in that it was never subdivided or developed for housing, it has always been recreational space. The Granite now wants to have a new club built, and a condo building go in alongside Scott Street, which would mean making a deal with the City to take over part of Lions Park. My article doesn't get into any of that, but what it does cover is the history of the land, the parkspace, and especially the old Elmgrove Arena/Lions Park Arena, which has now been for almost 30 years the Ottawa Gymanstics Centre.

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