Friday, November 9, 2018

Profile on Early Hintonburg Merchant Francis Holmes Gilchrist

My article in the November issue of the Kitchissippi Times focused on profiling Mr. Francis Holmes Gilchrist. He was one of Hintonburg's earliest merchants, served on its early village council, and who made significant contributions towards its growth. My street (Gilchrist Avenue) is named in his honour. The online edition of the story has a few extra photos and articles, so please check it out at:


  1. Hi there I'm curious as to where on Hilchrist you live. I was trying to do research in my childhood home (89 gilchrist ) as my mother owned in for roughly 30 years I lived in it from birth until I was about 23. It was a triplex and we lived in the middle floor while my mother rented out the other two floors. Any info you might have on the street or even the house itself would be greatly appreciated. Have a good day !

  2. That should of said Gilchrist not Hillcrest but it won't let me edit !