Thursday, June 28, 2018

Hidden history: The Westboro Magee farmhouse

In the midst of my work with the provincial election in May-June, I was able to complete an article that I had been working on in draft form for some time. I actually was beginning to feel guilty at how long it was taking me; publishing the story of this original old and distinguished house I felt was important, especially as it has been threatened for redevelopment on a few occasions recently.

The house, at 408 Tweedsmuir Avenue, is tucked behind the Circle K gas station (aka Mac's, aka Winks) at the corner of Richmond. It's well hidden, to the point where likely few people even know it exists. The entire neighbourhood has built around it, ever since cattle dealer James Magee constructed the farm house in 1891. At one time it stood in the open wilderness of old Richmond Road.

Please click this link to read more about this great old house, one of Westboro's oldest, and to learn more about the surrounding neighbourhood which Magee established, which was once called "Springdale Park".

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