Saturday, February 3, 2018

Westboro/Richmond Road 1935 vs 2018

Posted this to my Twitter and Facebook today, but felt I should add it to the Museum too, of course.

Westboro has changed a little in the last 80+ years... I'll be watching the Super Bowl at Whispers tomorrow (as I do most years). Here is Whispers on Richmond Road now, and what the identical location looked like in about 1935 (in a photo I just acquired this week). Amazing!

(You can read more about the history of Whispers itself from a post I made 3 years ago at:

To enlarge the photos, simply click on them, and a new window will open showing a larger version:

Richmond Road at Tweedsmuir, looking west
(Source: Google Streetview, August 2017)

Richmond Road at Tweedsmuir (then known as "Xavier
Street") circa 1935 (Source: unknown, likely Ottawa
Archives, Suburban Road Commission Fonds)

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  1. So the building with the "British Consols" (?) on it is now Whispers Pub? Very neat.