Sunday, January 7, 2018

The #OC150 Awards

December 2017 was also a memorable month for me, as I was very proudly selected as one of the award recipients for the #OC150 Awards "recognizing community members who have contributed Ottawa Centre in one of the following ways: Celebrating diversity/inclusion; Building community/capacity; Protecting the heritage of Ottawa Centre; Protecting the environment; and Promoting a healthy community." This was a special ceremony done as part of the Canada 150 celebrations.

My sincere thanks to MPP Yasir Naqvi for first of all hosting these awards, and for the exhaustive work I am sure he and his office staff put into making it happen. I am beyond honoured to have been chosen for this award, and after the ceremony in December where I had a chance to meet and learn about many of the 150 winners, I appreciate it even more. I thank Minister Naqvi for including heritage protection in his award criteria, and the acknowledgement to me and the Kitchissippi Museum is sincerely appreciated.

I've been at this blog for over three years now, and enjoy it as much as ever. It is the feedback and the support I receive that really drives me to keep going. There is of course no money in this for me, it is strictly a love of the community and its history that keeps me digging, writing and sharing. I meet a lot of people (through email or in person) who have sincerely appreciated a particular topic or article I've written; that I've helped bring back happy memories of the past for them, or revealed a family story they never knew about. It's these kinds of things that make it all worthwhile, and so for that I am grateful. An award like this is significant to me, and reminds me that my little niche hobby is seemingly contributing to the neighbourhood in a meaningful way. 

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