Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Recommended! Civic Hospital walking tour this coming Sunday!

This Sunday, Heritage Ottawa's walking tour series continues with a first-time tour of the Civic Hospital area. I will be in attendance for sure, and am looking forward to it! The area has some really exciting historical locations of note, with lots of interesting tidbits that host Andy Billingsley will no doubt be covering with great zeal! You can learn more about the tour, which departs Reid Park off Sherwood at 2 p.m. on Sunday (August 21st), at the link below.


I'm also attaching a link to the CHNA History page, which has some really fun tools to check out:


And of course, I'm throwing in a vintage Civic Hospital photo just to add a little more to this blog post. That's of course Carling along the bottom, with Parkdale running along the left side. Quite a few more trees 92 year ago. Cheers all, see you Sunday.

Civic Hospital, circa 1924 (City of Ottawa Archives CA-2460)

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