Friday, May 27, 2016

The history of "Westboro Manor" on Churchill Avenue

The new issue of the Kitchissippi Times is out, and my column this week is on the history of the great old stone building on Churchill just south of Scott Street, known as "Westboro Manor". It is presently the home of law firm Farber-Robillard-Leith, but has a nearly 130 year history that started life as a home, one of the very first structures built in all of the west end, and certainly one of the oldest still standing.

I was particularly impressed to find out that it's builder was none other than Joseph O'Neil, who I've profiled before in a couple of articles as the builder of one of my favourite houses in Kitchissippi, the house which is now Bella's on Richmond Road at Island Park. A neat coincidence for sure.

Anyways, it's a full profile of the history of the building, also taking in to account how Churchill Avenue, and Westboro as a whole changed around it. Thankfully Izzy Farber and his firm have appreciated the building and maintained it exceptionally well, and so we still have this link to the 1880s standing in the neighbourhood. It's an exceptionally nice building on the inside as well, if you ever have the opportunity to see the interior.

You can read the article at the Kitchissippi Times website at:

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