Thursday, April 28, 2016

A hidden landmark in Wellington Village

My article in this week's Kitchissippi Times is one that I'm probably more excited about than anything else I've written. For years I'd heard bits and pieces about the possibility that an original 19th century farm house still existed in Wellington Village, south of Wellington. Being a life-long resident of Wellington Village, I took particular interest in the story. But I never believed it to be true. If you've read the stuff I wrote about the history of the Stewart family, and of WV itself, you'll know that I basically wrote off the demolition of the stone house at Wellington and Julian in the 1960s as a huge tragedy, and the last link to the Stewarts of the 1830s-1890s. However, a chance discussion with a fellow board member of the Wellington Village Community Association led to my digging deeper on this. Having the extra stroke of luck of actually being able to spoke to a woman who moved in to the house in 1920 was incredible. Put it all together, it's been a fun six months of research putting this story together, and I'm really proud to share it in the Times this week. Please check it out at the link below!

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