Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The early days of Kitchissippi's biggest foe: Cave Creek

I'm excited to share a link to my article in the new issue of Kitchissippi Times, which comes out tomorrow! This article I put a ton of research in to over several years, and will almost certainly write more about soon (it's tough being limited to a wood count in the Times - thankfully Editor/Guru Andrea Tomkins occasionally lets me write a little long and somehow finds a bit of extra room). The story of Cave Creek is an incredibly interesting one. It's more or less long gone now (there is still the occasional flood or water issue in the neighbourhood which can be attributed to the underground waters that are likely part of the original Cave Creek network), and has been solved for the last 90 years now. But up until the late 1920's, this Creek was an incredible nuisance to the community. It not only stunted development, and made prime real estate practically worthless, but it often caused illness and eventually even mass death.

So please follow the link below to the Kitchissippi Times, and check out my article and the photos the accompany it. Thanks!! 

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