Saturday, October 3, 2015

A vintage Carleton Tavern photo!

One of the more elusive photos I've been searching for has been an old photo of the Carleton Tavern. For some odd reason I've never come across one in my years of searching. The City Archives has none whatsoever (there is an index which lists the existence of two photos taken in the early 1970s, but those photos are "missing" from the archives), nor any other source I've investigated. When I wrote up the history of the Tavern for the Kitchissippi Times this past spring, I was in touch with descendants of the former owners, and even that did not yield me a photo. However by chance today, while googling around, I found a blog who had incidentally linked to my article, but their blog post included a photo of the Tavern from 1940! So I recommend you check out the interesting blog post about the Moran family, which provides even more details about the earliest days of the Tavern! 

Source: M.C. Moran (

Here is a more recent photo of the front, for comparison's sake:

It's funny how very little of the front has changed, including the concrete steps up to the raised entry doors!

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