Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Stirling Avenue - an addendum

Wow, well I can't believe how popular the History of Stirling Avenue blog post was. Thanks to everyone for the great comments and input. It really excites me to keep this blog going, and to start up the next street history. (If anyone has any street requests, by all means post a comment or shoot me an email - no sense in waiting for months or years for me to finally get to your street, if you're particularly keen about reading about it!!)

So in the post, I mentioned how I sadly had yet to come across a photo of the Stirling Tavern in it's glory years. As luck would have it, I had an awesome reader come through and send me a tip on who to speak to who had a photo. So a huge thanks to Emma Robe for linking me up with Ray Sullivan, who so kindly shared with me some stories and photos of the Stirling Tavern in the early 90s. I was really excited to see that one of the photos was a nice, large photo of that unforgettable Stirling Tavern sign - ideal for a t-shirt, wouldn't you agree Andrew King? :)

Enjoy the photos...

Photo courtesy of the CCOC

Photo courtesy of the CCOC

Photo courtesy of CSV Architects


  1. Charlotte's momFebruary 6, 2015 at 12:23 AM

    Oh, my, that brings back memories of the man who used to sit in the doorway of the Stirling in the 80s. A neighbour told me he had a PhD but for some reason ended up a fixture there. She was very offended when he didn't accept a roast beef sandwich from her. . .

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