Friday, October 16, 2015

The true "landmark" building of Wellington West; a historical look at the controversial Mizrahi lot

This week's issue of the Kitchissippi Times is out, and features an article I wrote about the corner of Island Park Drive and Richmond, and particularly the controversial lot on the north-east corner which is the potential site of a 12-storey building by developer Mizrahi. Check out the link below to learn more about the really interesting history this lot has had, including it's years as a toll house, a gas station, and especially the original Wellington Street house which still exists today... but sadly not for long...

Check back this weekend, I'll have an expanded history of the lot posted here, including a lot more details on the old toll house (I'm limited in # of words in the newspaper, but on here I can ramble on in as much details as I like!).


  1. In the newspaper, you didn't mention the change of addess. The Bella's house used to be 1 Richmond Road, but now Richmond starts at island park.

  2. hi Barbara! I couldn't fit the Richmond-Wellington address change into the article (its already confusing enough trying to explain the house as a "wellington street landmark" that is a symbol of the old days of Richmond Road :) But yes, up until about 10 years ago it was a Richmond Road address, when the numbering started at Western Avenue. Incidentally, it wasn't #1, it was #45 Richmond (as of the renumbering of 1941, prior to that it was #39 Richmond). Since the numbering started at Western, the house which is now the Diner (the long-time Steacy home) had the lowest number, which was #3 Richmond (though it originally was #1 Richmond until the 1941 renumbering - it may have been moved to #3 to make room in case something got built in the sliver of land adjoining the house). Thanks for reading & commenting, cheers!

    1. I did know it wasn't #1....but I had forgotten the real number. Of course it was Western that was the boundary. I've lived in the "hood for 41 years, si there are things I remember and things I forget. Thanks for your great research.

  3. I read your article in KT. I don't understand how it is possible that the building on Richmond near Island Park wasn't designated heritage. What gives?